We are a Ohio Corporation. CustomPrescription is the parent company of 1Care that has invested in various human solutions that improve a person's healthcare. 1Care is an aPP that bring access to healthcare in the palm of your hand. Information is available on the internet and on google serach. Putting all the relevant information in the right place and providing simple precise information that can help you find the right healthcare solution. We are working to help build your health information through simple Q&A's that can be shared with your healthcare provider on each office visit or each interaction that needs a consult.




Living with a disease stae, living with a chronic condition or being a care giver and finding the required information with reagrd to your medications can be stressful, The Patient Safety Icon, has grouped functions such as finding inactive ingredients in a drug formulation, reporting a product issue, reporting a adverse drug reaction, reporting a vaccine adverse reaction,


Find Medicare & Medicaid solution available, Find Nursing Homes and Adult day care when travelling with Senior who need short term stay and care. While you are on vacation or business trips.


Find a Physician close to you. See who are the Physicians who work at the hospital of your choice, find a surgeon, cardiologist, oncologist, Pediatrician, orthopedic or painmanagement specialist near you.


You create an appoinment request. fill the necessary medical form, a locl Physician or a Physician of your choice will call you with an open appointment slot to accomadate your visit in person, or a doctore will call you for a virtual on phone or video appointment.


Find an Open Urgent Care or Walk-in-Clinic, near you. You will be able to make an appointment and be able to skip the line, when you fill the medical forms on line.


A Diagnosis or Living with an Health Issue may be stressfull in itself, find help and finding people and groups that can help you navigate through your condition and find appropriate health is critical and will help regain your quality of life and care


Save your health information to share with your healthcare team and physicians quickly, incase of emergency may help save your life or find you the appropriate care if your medical conditions are know, if your allergy information is available quickly. Access to Living Saving Care can start with sharing what your health histroy is.....


Having an organ failure or waiting for an organ transplant can be stressfull and life changing. You have to plan for regular dialysis in case of Kidney Failure. Finding dialysis centers in your neighbourhood, planning to get your dialysis while travelling is critical for your continued care, Using the 1Care Dialysis finder, you can map your travel and find dialysis centers at your destination. You can plan ahead, make an appointment and share pertinent information quickly and have it available on the palm of your hand.


Find Help with Medicare, Nursing Homes, Rehab, Home Healthcare Near you. Will also help care givers and loved ones find a care facility close to you to take care of your mom, dad or other elders who may need care and assistance.


Find a WalkinClinic for your Childs simple Sickness, Finding an urgent care for more evolved medical conditions or an Emergency Room in case of a acute critical health condition. Find a hospital or a Speciality Practice. Find Rehab Facilities, Mental Health Facilities, Psychologist, Therapist or Nursing Homes and Adult Day care facilities when travelling.


Find Pharmacies, Medical Supply Stores and other healthcare products at the palm of your hands through the 1Care aPP. Set up reminders to order medications, without the pharmacy calling you a number of times. Call your Pharmacy with a click of a Button. Request a Refill from your Doctor.Start a Prior Authorization Request. Find drug information. Proper dosing, Drug Safety, Where to dispose off medications....


Helping Veterans find healthcare near them is critical, providing them and their care givers with information to quickly locate clinics, hospitals, pharmacies and veteran homes can be critical in providing them with appropriate care. The Veteran Health icon will help quickly find the much needed care. Will help make appointments though the aPP.