1Care the aPP is available on the app stores (Google Play Store & Apple iOS aPP Store) as a free download. This aPP is designed to provide access to healthcare around you. We make our best effort to keep the information accurate. We donot allow reviews in our aPP as healthcare is "patient specific" and one persons experience may not be the same as the other. All healthcare businesses, work in a strictly regulated environment, where the Medical Board, Department of Health, the Sate Boards of Various specialities constantly monitor and review the Entity for Compliance with Practices & Procedures.

Use of this aPP is for quick reference for the general non-technical patient. There are Goverment resources in every country that is available for free that need to be reffered to for more idepth answers and solution to your individual problems.

Please feel free to write to us, at info@1carehealth.com if you feel as a general consumer, if any of our search functions or information is misleading, incorrect or not updated. We donot intend you infringe on any intellectual property, a quick email, will ensure, your propriety material is immediately removed.